• Coffee lover pouring a glass of nitro cold brew from a nitro cold brew keg.

    Elevate Your Coffee

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Elevate Your Coffee

Elevate Your Coffee

Elevate Your Coffee

Coffee is more than a drink. It's an experience.


Nitro Cold Brew At Home

Our nitro cold brew machines lets you enjoy ultra-smooth coffee without visiting a expensive coffee shop. Royal Brew infuses nitrogen (or nitrous) to create a sweeter flavor without adding sugar for a creamy, velvety, cascading texture.


A little luxury at home every day!

It works beautifully, it is easy to clean and fill, and we could not be more pleased. It truly does make cafe quality nitro coffee.

Elle Cee ★★★★★

Just wow!

The normal flavor of our coffee was enhanced and the texture was smoother and lighter.

Crystal McMillan ★★★★★

Coffee shop quality nitro coffee at home!

It is as good as anything you can get from Starbucks! The results are phenomenal.

Gus Boss ★★★★★

Why Nitro?

Nitro takes your coffee experience to the next level by creating a distinct café-style frothy, foam and creamy texture with improved flavor without the need of sugar or cream.

Nitrogen and nitrous oxide cream Cartridge refills for nitro cold brew.

Nitro Cartridges

Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Systems are compatible with Nitrous Oxide & Nitrogen cream cartridges.


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