About Me

My name is Chad and I love coffee & the Kansas City Royals. Hence the blog name. I have a wonderful wife & two great kids, and my beloved coffee fills in the gaps to give me the energy and drive I need to be a family man.

My passion for coffee started in college, as a necessity for those late nights spent studying, and eventually grew into an affectionate obsession. I enjoy trying different coffees and brewing methods at home, along with stopping into as many local coffee joints as I can. I like reading about coffee, both informative & humorous, talking about it… so it seems like a natural progression that I write about all things coffee!

I look forward to adventures of all sorts, and am so excited that I get to share them with you!  I love hearing from my awesome readers, whether it’s just to say “hi” or to throw some ideas my way. Visit my Contact page, or shoot me an email here: chad @ theroyalbrew . com (Please remove the spaces.)



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