Coffee Survival Tips & Gifts for Teachers

Coffee Survival Tips & Gifts for Teachers

Family vacations, trips to the lake, camping, swimming, hot sun, cold drinks…  Summer is a magical time.  At least in our house it is.  We live for Summertime.  I know some people prefer the cold winter days, but we love a good hot sunny day at the pool!

But just like that, it’s over in the blink of an eye and it’s time for the kids (and teachers) to head back to school.

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What’s the #1 thing every teacher needs to make it through each school day this year?!  Well, COFFEE, of course!!  And a few more items to make getting that good cup of coffee easier to enjoy right at your desk.


Coffee Gear Teachers Can’t Live Without

First, you need some good coffee!  Grab a fresh bag from your favorite local roaster or try somewhere new.  OR roast some beans on your own at home.  It’s shockingly quick AND easy!  Check out my post on how to do it with a popcorn air popper!  If you want the convenience of placing a quick order online instead, a really great coffee is Primos Coffee Co.  They are a family-owned company who grows and sells a quality bean.

If you’re not into the idea of roasting your own coffee beans, the very best option for you would be to stop in to one of your locally owned coffee shops for a bag of their freshly roasted coffee.  If you don’t have a good one nearby, try out one of my hometown favorites.  You really can’t go wrong with any of these, and they will ship it to you!

Post Coffee Co

Messenger Coffee Company

Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters


Next, if you don’t have a favorite mug, you need to get yourself one.  Something with a funny saying or your favorite colors that will cheer you up when you use it.  This one is hilarious, but if you don’t love it, here’s a witty one.

You can’t live without a good travel mug – nobody wants to drink lukewarm coffee!  If you don’t have one, here’s an excellent and inexpensive option.  It even comes in multiple sizes and colors so you can customize the perfect one just for you!

Last and most important of all, you need a way to brew your coffee.  If you don’t want to drink whatever coffee is in the teachers’ lounge, (I used to work at a school, trust me!)  you could quickly and easily brew a fresh cup right at your desk.  (You’ll probably still have to make a quick trip to the teachers’ lounge to heat up your water.)

A french press is a great option.  It’s super simple, and makes a really good cup of coffee.  There a a lot of great options out there, and I’ve made it easy for you, so here a couple options.  This one has excellent reviews, and is available in three different color options.


Another easy way to brew a really tasty cup of coffee is with an Aeropress.  These things are all the rage in the coffee community right now!  It combines the ease and full bodied flavor that you get with a french press, without the grit in the bottom of the cup.


I almost forgot!  You will need a way to heat up your water.  You can always use the microwave in the teachers lounge, or you can use one of those electric water heaters.  This one  has great reviews, and it’s cordless!


So, you have a few minutes to yourself and need to relax.  To me, there’s no better way to do this than with a cup of coffee in my hand.  Here’s a few tips on how you can de-stress at work:

  • While your students are at lunch or recess fix yourself some coffee
  • Turn on your favorite music
  • Sit and drink your coffee
  • Meditate for a few minutes, or do some relaxation breathing
  • Did I mention coffee?
  • Read a chapter from your favorite book
  • Finally, you can just sit and drink your coffee

These are just a few of my favorite ways to relax during a stressful day.  I’m sure you have your own way, which might even look a little like these.  So I hope all you teachers out there have a wonderful school year, and thank you for all the hard work you do and for putting up with all the crazy kids out there!









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  • I like what you said here about how to survive the school year with coffee. As you explained, you can look into locally owned coffee shops in order for you to get really fresh beans. My sister loves coffee, and I think that this would really help her branch out and try different kinds. Thanks!

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