Cafe Rica Coffee

Cafe Rica Coffee

Whenever I think of Costa Rica, the first thing that comes to mind is warm weather, nice beaches, and some of the best coffee in the world.  I can honestly say that I haven’t had a whole lot of Costa Rican coffee, but what I have had has never let me down.

The same goes with the latest Costa Rican coffee that I had the pleasure of drinking, which came from a really awesome family owned business called Café-Rica.

Disclosure: Café-Rica provided me with a free bag of coffee, but all the opinions in this post are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Please read our disclosure policy for more information.

Café-Rica is owned and operated by two brothers, Tristan and Jackson Bredehoft.  They are actually an online retailer for the Café-Naranjo brand in Costa Rica.  Their mother was born and raised in Costa Rica, who then migrated to the USA over 30 years ago.  It was actually their father who discovered Café Naranjo while he was in search of the perfect cup of coffee in Costa Rica.  Ever since his discovery, Café Naranjo has been his everyday cup of coffee.



Their mission statement is awesome!  I don’t want to mess it up, so I’ll just quote the whole thing for you…

“Our mission is to bring the delicious, Hand Picked, Hand Bagged, Small Family-Farmed, Café Naranjo from the volcanoes of Costa Rica to you.  We plan to do that by bringing the same handcrafted quality to our products, as well as customer service.  We also plan to uphold the environmental standards that Café Naranjo has placed before us.  We take conscious efforts to protect the environment by using GREEN Packaging; from our 100% compostable single-serve packages to our 100% compostable and Recycled mailing packages; whenever possible.  Not only are we taking steps to better the Earth with our packaging but we also have vowed to donate 5% of our profits to The Rainforest Alliance.
Join us in improving the quality of your coffee as well as your quality of living!”

Café Naranjo was established in 1968, with about 91 coffee farms.  Since then, there are now over 2400 family owned farms providing coffee beans to Café Naranjo.  They work very hard to make sure that those farms are sustainable, and not at risk to be exploited.  As a result, Café Naranjo is fair trade certified.



The guys down at Café-Rica were awesome enough to send me three different bags of their coffee from Café Naranjo so that I could share their story with you.  They currently offer four different coffees on their website.  I got a bag of their Café Naranjo Gold, Special Reserve, and their Sun Blessed.

You can also sign up for their coffee club, and get a year of free shipping.  The subscription comes with a coffee mug, and a bag of their Café Naranjo Gold.  With shipping at roughly four dollars, depending on how often you order, you could save quite a bit.

All three of the coffees they sent me were excellent!  The Café Naranjo Gold is their flagship coffee.  It’s grown in the western area of Costa Rica’s central valley.  The flavor notes are chocolate and citrus, with a balanced body and acidity.  The same goes for their Special Reserve, but I would also say that this one had very strong notes of stone fruit at the back end of the sip.  Both of these coffees were VERY good.



The Sun Blessed is a little different.  It gets its name because it’s dried out in the sun.  It has a lot more fruit notes, but still has that deep rich chocolate base to hold it all together.  As the coffee cools down, the fruit notes are a lot more intense, but not overpowering or sour, like some coffees can be.  Another great coffee that I really enjoyed.

After drinking a lot of coffee that is light, acidic, and fruity, it’s nice to come back to a few that remind me of why I fell in love with coffee to begin with. All three of these coffees are bold, and full bodied, and very smooth, which was the way I used to always drink my coffee back in the day.  The stronger the cup the more caffeine right?  With so many different bags of coffee, I’ll be enjoying these for a while.  And if you haven’t gone over to their website and bought a bag, or a gift basket yet, what are you waiting for?  Make sure you use the promo code TheRoyalBrew to get an extra 15% off your order.  You can also find them on social media – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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