Celebrating National Coffee Day with Atlas Coffee Club & More!

Celebrating National Coffee Day with Atlas Coffee Club & More!

Today is National Coffee Day, which means I get to take the day off work to enjoy for religious purposes.  Just kidding!  I know what you’re thinking – Coffee is something to be celebrated every day.  And I completely agree.  After all, I love it enough to devote a blog to it!  So today just calls for some extra honor, hoopla, indulgence and spreading of awareness of all things coffee.  I have pulled together a bunch of discounts for you, which you’ll find the end!

On this National Coffee Day, I get to celebrate with a new coffee, thanks to the awesome people down in Austin, Texas, at the Atlas Coffee Club!


I received a free bag of coffee from Atlas Coffee Club to review, but all opinions are my own.


What Is the Atlas Coffee Club

The Atlas Coffee Club is a coffee subscription service, which offers coffees from all over the world.  Each month, there’s a new coffee from a different country.  You can travel the world of coffee, from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burundi, and beyond, without ever leaving your kitchen, office, or wherever you might have your coffee mailed to you!  They offer coffee from over 50 countries!  That’s pretty stinking awesome!

In addition to their great selection of coffees, they also have user friendly brewing guides to help you make the best cup of coffee right at home!



How the Subscription Works

If you decide that you want to sign up for a coffee subscription from The Atlas Coffee Club, you can get your first bag free with the promo code AtlasCoffeeDay17.  You will just pay $3.95 for shipping.  What an amazing deal for some really great coffee!  You can chose a half bag (9 oz), full bag (12 oz) or two full bags, and then you can have them sent every two or four weeks.  You also get to decide the level of the roast, and if you would prefer to have them ground because they can do that for you too!  And if you find one that you decide is your absolute favorite, you can subscribe to just that coffee year round, for as long as it is available.  Go sign up here.


This Months Roast – Ethiopian Sidamo



Septembers featured coffee is from Ethiopia, grown in the Sidamo region.  If you read my post about The Friendly Bean, you know how much I love this coffee, so I was super excited to get my hands on a bag of my own.  The Sidamo region is one of the oldest coffee growing regions in the world, and is even believed to be the birthplace of coffee itself.  Ethiopia is the world’s 7th largest producers of coffee, but the locals love their coffee so much, that they consume over half of what they produce themselves!  That’s how good this stuff is.

The Sidamo is not a flavored coffee, but has very strong tasting notes of blueberry and chocolate.  It’s  naturally processed and sun dried for two weeks, which helps to lock in those great flavors.



Brewing the Sidamo

I got my box in the mail, and before I even opened it, I was greeted with the overwhelming scent of fresh roasted coffee.  I was so excited to get home and try it out.  Of course, I had to take some cool pictures of everything first!  Pretty soon I was back in the kitchen and so anxious to brew my first cup.

The suggested brew for this coffee is the pour over method, so as soon as I was finished taking pictures, I brewed my first cup.  The next day, for the sake of reviewing this coffee, I decided to try this using the cupping method.  I used about 12 grams of ground coffee for 6 ounces of water.  Before while my water was heating up, I ground the beans and poured them into the cup, then I took a nice big long sniff.  My first reaction was that I was standing in a wild patch of blueberries.  This coffee has such a strong blueberry smell to it, which is mixed with a slight hint of wine, and dark chocolate.


{For those of you wondering, the above photos are of the cupping, with the grounds in the water.}

Once my water was hot, I poured it over the grounds and gave it another sniff.  I was still getting all the same aromas but the blueberry kind of turned from wild to more of a blueberry syrup that I would have poured on my fresh homemade blueberry pancakes.  SOOO AMAZING!

Then came time to actually drink the coffee, the part that I had been waiting for.  I used a big spoon and took a nice violent sip, making sure to splash the coffee all over my taste buds, and I was not disappointed at all!  The front of the sip was met with strong notes of blueberry and a nice crisp acidity that I would probably have to say was a bit lemony.  This was followed by the dark chocolate, and blueberry notes at the end of the sip.  All in all, this is a very clean, crisp, and smooth coffee, with a nice sweetness to finish it all off.

So far, I have used the pour over and the drip method for this coffee, and I would have to agree that the pour over has produced the best cup.  I haven’t tried it in the French Press yet (my old faithful), but once I do, I’ll be sure to update this post and let you all know how it compared to the other methods.

If I wasn’t in love with the Ethiopian Sidamo before, I am now… of course, I was, but my love for it has only gotten stronger, thanks to Atlas Coffee Club.  I am really excited about what these guys have going down there in Austin, Texas, and I can’t wait to try out everything else that they have to offer!



National Coffee Day Discounts!

You’ll have to do a little investigating to see if you there are any local shops in your area that are doing special discounts for this day.  I can almost guarantee there probably are!  There are several around me that have mentioned free coffee for the day!

Now, you KNOW I am all about local coffee and prefer to support the “little guys”, but I know that’s not always possible or reasonable.  For me, the next best option is to order online from another small business roaster, or at the very least, find someone who is sourcing high quality coffee and treating their farmers well!  With that said, I am all for the love of coffee firstly, so if you are happiest drinking Starbucks or McDonald’s coffee, there is no judgement here!!  I’ve got a good variety of all of the above for you.

Without further ado, here are the discounts I wrangled together for you (all discounts are for September 29, unless otherwise noted & please verify discounts/sales as I cannot promise guarantees).

This first one is a really special one, because the kid behind it has an amazing story and big dreams!  I’ve got more coming soon about him.
Cam’s Coffee Creations – They have discounted their coffees & are offering free shipping for orders $20+

Metric Coffee Co – 15% off online orders with code coffeeday17!

Community Coffee – 30% off online purchases of $30+ with code COFFEEDAY

Maui Mountain Roast – 50% all online orders with code ALOHACOFFEE

One Fresh Cup – 30% off online orders & free shipping

Peet’s Coffee – Coffee bean purchases are 25% off & any customer who buys a bag of beans gets a free coffee if one of their shops is in your area

Keurig – 15% off most boxes of pods & 20% off recyclable k-cup pods all weekend with code GREENSAVINGS

Cinnabon – free cup of coffee, no purchase required

Einstein Brothers Bagels – free cup of coffee, no purchase required

Krispy Kreme – free coffee in house September 29-October 1

Dunkin Donuts – get a free hot cup of coffee with the purchase of a medium or larger hot coffee

McDonald’s – free medium McCafe beverage when you download or already have their app

7-Eleven – free coffee for new & existing 7Rewards members September 29-October 1

Smoothie King – purchase a Coffee High Protein Smoothie & receive a 20-ounce smoothie for free

Flying J – free cup of coffee with coupon. This is a handy one if you happen to be on the road today & can’t find anything else! Coupon>> http://pilotcoffee.pilotflyingj.com/?utm_source=PFJZ&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=CoffeeDay&utm_term=0922

Starbucks is not usually my favorite, but they are doing something more unique for National Coffee Day this year, and I really appreciate that.  They are using their cafes “to shed light on the role of coffee farmers, and bring awareness to the challenges they face, including coffee leaf rust and climate change” [quote taken from a Starbucks press release here].  You can read more about it on their website.

I love that some places are doing something special all weekend long, since October 1 is International Coffee Day!!  Tell me in the comments below, what do you plan on doing to celebrate this National Coffee Day?!


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