City Market Coffee Roasters – Kansas City Coffee Shop Review

City Market Coffee Roasters – Kansas City Coffee Shop Review

I’m continuing on my quest for great coffee here in Kansas City, with a little place called City Market Coffee Roasters.  I don’t know why, but for some reason when I Google coffee shops in Kansas City, this place doesn’t show up.. It’s almost like you just have to know it’s there, so that’s where I come in with my review of this awesome Kansas City coffee shop! (You’re welcome Google.)

**Just a side note, if you’ve clicked on the link to the City Market Roasters website, you might get a page that pops up saying the webpage is not secure.

City Market Coffee is located right in the heart of the River Market area, and has been around for over 20 years!  They offer a large variety of drip coffee.. which is self serve by the way.. and it is all organic fair trade coffee.  If you’ve read my post about fair trade coffee, you should know part of why I like this coffee shop so much.  So for all of you that won’t drink anything but organic, this is a great place to check out.

City Market Coffee not only serves up great coffee drinks, they also have a pretty good food menu as well, which features breakfast burritos and sandwiches (served ALL DAY), as well as paninis.  They even have gluten free and vegan options available, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find something good to eat here, ever.  The prices are just as good, ranging from just over 3 bucks, to a little over 5 for a panini and chips or fruit.

I decided to stop in here during the week, knowing full well that Saturday mornings are the busiest day here.  The first time I stopped into City Market Coffee was when my wife and I were at the farmers market, on a Saturday morning and it was a full house.  Even on a Wednesday morning, it was still busy.

The staff was very welcoming and friendly.  I decided to just get a plain coffee, since there were so many different varieties to chose from.  I was very pleased with the price too, just under 2 bucks for a small coffee.  I got the Mexican Oaxaca, which here’s a little fact I didn’t know about, every Mexican coffee actually originated in Yemen.. there ya go!  I bet you didn’t know that.

This coffee was pretty good, with a medium body, and it had a smooth chocolate taste with a bit of spice mixed in.  It seemed like almost a bit of cinnamon, but not too much.  I really enjoyed this coffee, and how smooth it felt in my mouth.  I wished I would have stayed a little longer, but I had quite a bit to do and didn’t have time.  Oh, well.. This place isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so there’s always time to stop in again soon!

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