Coffee and Doughnuts – Shopping Local is the New Black

Coffee and Doughnuts – Shopping Local is the New Black

“Cops love doughnuts.  Which is an interesting stereotype because you know who else likes doughnuts?  Absolutely everyone!  Of course cops love doughnuts, they know the difference between right and wrong!”

-Jim Gaffigan.

HAHA! You gotta love a good Jim Gaffigan quote!  And speaking of doughnuts, we recently got to celebrate my wife’s birthday, and what better way than to grab an amazing doughnut from the Doughnut Lounge!

Now, you may be wondering what doughnuts have to do with coffee.  Well, everything, really.  But just trust me… I’ll get to it!

{Side note: How do you spell doughnut?  Donut?}


My wife and I have started this new thing, where we like to buy things from local shops.  But when I say new, I really mean that we’ve been doing it for a while.  We aren’t crazy about going out to restaurants that are just your typical large corporation and franchise places.  We absolutely love trying out new places, that are local to Kansas City.

Why You Should Buy Local

But why should you buy local?  I’m glad you asked!  I could probably bore you with a list of about 10 reasons to buy local, but when it really boils down to it, there are two that I feel are most important.

The first reason you should, is because it helps boost the local economy.  People are able to cut out the middleman when they sell to local businesses, which means their profit is a little more.

Local shop owners also typically live in the same city where they work, so when they go out and buy things, they also tend to shop local.  Because they know first hand the impact that it has!

It’s really just a big circle of local people buying from other local people, so the money stays within the community.

Secondly, if we’re talking food, which is where I’m going with this today… local food just tastes better since it’s fresh, not to mention more packed with nutrients as well.  The produce isn’t picked until it’s ripe and ready, and is then sent straight to the supermarket, or whatever restaurant is buying it.

So when you go out, say, for a cup of coffee at a local roaster, your coffee will be fresher since it will have been roasted right there.


Local Coffee and Doughnuts

There are so many awesome places here in Kansas City that you can go, spend your money, and keep it within the community.  One in particular that we’ve really come to love is the Doughnut Lounge.  This place is awesome, and we all know that EVERYONE loves doughnuts, so I know you’ll love it too!  I know I know, what does this have to do with coffee?  The real question is, what do doughnuts NOT have to do with coffee??

The Doughnut Lounge is a unique little doughnut and coffee shop located right in the heart of Westport.  Did I mention that it’s also a bar?  Founded by a professional skateboarder, Jake Randall, and Sean Malto and Ryan Hendrich from the Breakout KC, this joint opened up in December of 2015.  Their specialty is the Noduts, (HUH?) which is a doughnut, mixed with an entree.  Yeah that’s right, like Mac and Cheese and stuff.

They also feature a different locally roasted coffee every three months.

I’m getting there, just keep reading!!

Where else in town can you go and get a glazed doughnut, smothered with sausage gravy?  Or what about a French Toast style granola cake doughnut with house made granola, raspberry and jalapeno jam?  They also have the traditional doughnuts, if that’s more your style.

Is your mouth starting to water yet?  I thought so!



The best part of all is that most of the ingredients in their doughnuts are from local sources.  The Doughnut lounge is a member of the Kansas City Food Circle, which is a non-profit organization that helps farmers connect with local restaurants and grocery stores that are looking for local organic products.

The Doughnut Lounge offers catering services, and you can even rent the place out during the week to host your own private event!



So when we stopped in to The Doughnut Lounge, the kids drooled all over the doughtnut case for awhile, trying to choose which one looked the most incredible.  And I decided to be a little crazy and try something different than a plain old black coffee for a change.

COFFEE. Love of my Life.

{Second to the birthday girl, my wife, of course.}

The roaster they were featuring was Messenger Coffee.  I decided to get a Latte, and clearly it ended up being the right choice.  I’m almost positive that it was served in a large soup bowl.  But I’m not going to complain, the more the better right?

I’m pretty sure this was the first real latte I’ve ever had.  Made right and all.  It was very creamy and had a nice little layer of foam just at the top.  It paired very well with my maple frosted doughnut!



My kids devoured their doughnuts, and my son ate the biggest long john doughnut I’ve ever seen.  They were STUFFED!  We all had a great time hanging out there, eating some awesome doughnuts and drinking a delicious latte.  If you’re ever in the area, I would definitely recommend  checking this place out!

Do you buy local?  If you don’t, why not?  I challenge you to reconsider some of your purchases and think about how you could change at least one habit to impact your community and help a local family by supporting their business!

Perhaps most importantly, when you shop local, or just small business in general, you aren’t just helping your community… You are supporting someone’s dream!!















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