Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee Subscriptions are a good way to either try a variety of great coffee on a regular basis, OR to get your one favorite blend delivered right to your doorstep on a regular basis!  Just always make sure you do a subscription through a company who sends freshly roasted coffee.

I’ve compiled just a few for you whose coffee I have personally drank (and enjoyed) and KNOW that they only deliver the best and freshest!

Most of them have different delivery options, depending on how much coffee you drink.  And you don’t want coffee sitting in your pantry too long or it just won’t taste as good as it does fresh.

All subscriptions might work a little differently from one to the next, so be sure you read the details!  I don’t get paid for any of this, I just like to share what I’ve found with my awesome readers.


Post Coffee Co (Kansas City based)

Post roasts amazing coffee.  They have a few different options to customize your subscription and I know you’ll love what they send you.


Encore Coffee Company (Kansas City based)

Encore’s subscription is called the Tour Pass.  Each month they feature a different specialty coffee bean from around the world.


Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters  (Kansas City based)

Thou Mayest is one of my favorite coffee shops in KC.  So I know you will not be disappointed by their coffees.  Unless you just enjoy bad coffee… and I can’t help you there.  Their subscription is very customizable!


Messenger Coffee Co (Kansas City based)

Messenger is yet another KC company that roasts some of the best coffee beans in the biz.   Talented people and great subscription options.


Made in KC

This subscription is more unique in that it is a local KC company that pulls together coffee roasted by KC roasters to create a subscription box.  They themselves are not actual roasters.  You’ll get a great variety with this option, such as a few of my favorites – Post, Thou Mayest, Messenger, Parisi, Encore and more!


Farmers First Coffee Company

This is a brand new coffee company and they are really something special.  I’ve had their coffee and it is excellent.  They exist with the purpose of helping small coffee farmers by providing them with much more fair pay for the hard work they do.  Their mission is really incredible!  For their subscription, you get to choose everything from the farmer who grows it to the way your beans are roasted and how often you want them delivered.


Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas does something similar to Encore… They feature coffees from all around the world.  You’ll learn something new about all the coffee regions!


Purchase at your own risk.  The Royal Brew has no affiliation with any of these companies and makes no guarantees.  Plus, like I said – if you just don’t like drinking good coffee, there’s probably a Walmart nearby.