Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Keg 128oz

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The #1 Nitro Cold Brew Maker — Add nitrogen or nitrous oxide to your cold brew for a sweeter & fresher taste with the cascading and delicious micro-bubbles you could only previously get at the coffee shop.

Enjoy unlimited frothy nitro cold brew that will taste better without the need for creamer, dairy, or sweeteners!

Product Details

  • COMPATIBILITY: Use with any 8g nitrous oxide or 2g nitrogen cartridge (not included). The Royal Brew is compatible with most 8g nitrous oxide or 2g nitrogen capsules.
  • Great Taste: Modeled after stout dispensing systems, featuring a special gas blend and stout that work together to create a super-smooth, rich body with a foamy
  • No Sugar or Dairy: enjoy a frothy iced coffee without the need for creamer, dairy, or sweeteners!
  • Dual-action pour lets you add a creamy top to your pour.
  • Cartridge holder casing -
    • For maximum foam, use the Nitrous Oxide 8g cartridges (2 per batch for 128 oz keg). Nitrous oxide adds a slightly sweet taste and you only need to use 1.
    • For a classic stout flavor without the added sweetening, use 4 x Nitrogen 2g cartridges.
  • Make sure to shake the keg every 24 hours to extend the life of the nitrogen cartridge.
  • Important: To allow gas to form, only fill the keg up to 50%-75% maximum with coffee!
  • Important: Be sure to shake the keg well (10-15 seconds) after each cartridge and to wait a minimum of 5 minutes between each cartridge to allow gas to form (and 1 hr in fridge after last cartridge is added).

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 5.89 lbs
  • Total Dimensions: 7" diameter x 19.5" (faucet top to bottom of keg)
  • Keg Diameter: 5.31"
  • Includes
    • Food grade stainless steel or matte black 128 oz keg
    • Steel Spout Faucet
    • Coffee Spear w/ pressure relieving valve
    • Nitrogen & Nitrous Oxide cartridge holder casing
    • 2 Cleaning Brushes - Clean every part of your kit, including the tubing, faucets, and other hard-to-reach places!
    • 1 x plastic hose
    • 2-in-1 wrench
    • Tap Plug
    • Carry bag
  • 1-year Manufacturer Warranty

Customer Reviews

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James Hill

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Keg 128oz

This thing is great!

So I never thought I'd need this much nitro cold brew, but I actually go through it in about a week. I paired this with a Toddy cold brew system and it's perfect. 14oz grounds, 8 cups water, wait 24 hrs, drain into keg, dilute 1:1 with water, add NO2, shake, wait 5 min, add another NO2 and within an hour you're good to go.

I'm glad I went with the 128oz because I'd be making it every few days if I went with the half. Great device and I will definitely be buying one as a gift for a buddy.

Monica Gutierrez
Nitro Cold Brew Keg

I’ve used Royal Brew keg for the past year and I love it!! I ordered two additional kegs company is working on getting my order to me. Very pleased with Royal Brew!