Encore Coffee – Chorus Blend

Encore Coffee – Chorus Blend

I’m back with one of my favorite local roasters, Encore Coffee, and their Chorus blend.  This is the third roast that I’ve reviewed from Encore, and the just continue to get better each time.

In case you haven’t had a chance to read my other reviews about Encore Coffee, let’s talk a little about the company.  Encore started up in 2016, and is strictly a coffee roaster, based out of Grandview, Missouri.  They offer a monthly subscription which they call the “tour pass.”  You can sign up for a single, month to month pass, or a 3 tour stop pass.

Each month features a new coffee, and every other month is a new coffee sourced specifically for the tour pass program.  Their current tour pass coffee for February is the organic Sumatra Aceh Gayo.

Disclosure: Encore Coffee Co provided me with a free bag of coffee, but all the opinions in this post are my own.



The Chorus blend consists of beans from Brazil, Columbia, and Ethiopia.  The Brazil provides the bulk of this roast, and they add in just a touch of Columbian for acidity and an Ethiopian Natural for sweetness.  The Brazil gives this coffee a nice rich chocolate base, and the Ethiopian provides just the right amount of sweetness with the blueberry flavor notes.

Encore likes to use this roast in a cold brew method, but since it’s February and I live in Kansas City, it’s just a tad bit too cold for me to feel up for drinking cold coffee.  So I tried this in a variety of brewing methods, including the pour over, French press, and the Moka pot.  Each method gave me slightly different tasting notes.  The French Press method made this a lot more light and acidic, but I also ground my beans pretty course and let it steep for a lot longer, which will usually give you those results.



My favorite brewing method for this coffee was hands down, the pour over.  The coffee itself was the perfect blend of sweet with rich, bold chocolate notes.  It had a nice light acidity, not too much, especially in the pour over, and it just had a really clean feel to it.

Using the Moka pot, I wasn’t able to get a whole lot of the sweet blueberry notes until I let the cup cool down.  Once it cooled, the blueberry notes really took over the chocolate, making this cup a nice bold, sweet, coffee.

So, Encore Coffee’s Chorus blend is going to go down in my books as one of my favorite coffees.  If you haven’t been over to Encore’s website yet, you should head over their now and buy a bag, or sign up for their tour pass program.  They have only great things happening down there, and I think you’ll really love the coffee.

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