Encore Coffee Company – Tanzania Review

Encore Coffee Company – Tanzania Review

One of the greatest things about Kansas City (besides the Royals) is that there are an endless amount of places to grab a great cup of coffee.  Encore Coffee Company is one of the cities newest roasters, and they just released their new Tanzania coffee.

Thanks to the owner of Encore Coffee, Mike King, I was able to get a bag of the Tanzania to post a review for all my awesome readers.  Now, even though I got a free bag from Encore to review, I can assure you that all the opinions in the post are my own.  So, that being said, lets talk a bit about Encore Coffee Co.



Encore Coffee Company opened up in June of 2016.  They offer coffee from all over the world, and just recently started their monthly subscription called tour pass.  It’s very similar to the Atlas Coffee Club, that I wrote about back on National Coffee Day.  They feature a specific country’s coffee each month, with the Tanzania being their newest release.   Although they don’t currently have a coffee shop, you can purchase their coffee on their website, or you can head over to the Merriam Farmers Market (Apr-Sept).



October’s coffee is the Tanzania, grown in the region near Mt. Kilimajaro.  Tanzania is known for producing some of the best coffees in the world, and after tasting this coffee, it’s very obvious why.  This coffee is produced by a cooperative called Mamsera Juu Cooperative, located on the eastern side of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The locals their wash and ferment the coffee beans in buckets, then dry them on mats or on tables.

I decided to use my standard French Press method with this one.  To me, nothing really brings out the full flavor of a coffee quite like the French Press.  My first impression of this coffee was when I opened up the box and took a big sniff of the beans right out of the bag.  I smelled the sweetness of maple along with a little bit of fruitiness.



After carefully creating the perfect cup of coffee with the French Press, it was ready to drink.  The first few sips revealed a sweet caramel/maple goodness followed by a crisp apple.  I’d say like a granny smith apple.  As the cup cools off, the sweetness lessens, and I’m left with a smooth, crisp apple taste.  To me it seems like this coffee has a crisp, smooth body, but it’s also a bit on the light side.



This is a really good coffee, and by far, right up their on my favorites list.  I’m excited to try out more from Encore Coffee Company!



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