How Do You Contact The Royal Brew?

Email me here: chad @ theroyalbrew . com (Please remove all spaces) OR find me on these social media platforms:  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.  You can also leave me a comment on any of my posts – I read and reply to them all!


Curious About Local Meet-ups?

I think it would be a lot of fun to have a group of people local to Kansas City meet up at a coffee shop to grab a cup and chat brew or do a cupping.  Shoot me an email if you think we should organize an event like this!


Who Is My Logo Designer?

This really cool guy named Antony, who owns Havoc.  Email him if you need any design work done and want to see some of his portfolio!  He is also a talented photographer!


How Did I Learn How To Start Such An Awesome Blog?

There is this amazing couple, Pete and Heather Reese, who are very successful bloggers at It’s a Lovely Life blog.  (And I’m mean very… like as in about $100k/month successful.)  They have an online 30 Day Fast Track course that my wife and I took with them.  It was the most eye-opening, fun and educational experience!  We learned so much, and it made starting a blog so much easier.

Pete and Heather have two very supportive Facebook groups (one open and one private to just those in their course), and they answer any question you might have!  They also have a WordPress support group, a Sharing group and a travel blogging group now…they’re just growing like crazy!  In case you want to ease into the blogging world, they also have two short 5 and 10 day courses that I also did.  Read more about them and the blogging course everybody’s crushin’ it with HERE.


Who Is This Website Hosted By?

We use SiteGround and they are A-MAZING!  Their support is seriously top notch.  I’ve emailed them at 3am before, panicking over some stupid thing I screwed up on my website that caused it to literally disappear (no joke!), and they were on it immediately and had it fixed in minutes.  I’m not kidding.  I’ve caused myself all kinds of problems, big and small, and there hasn’t been anything they haven’t been able to fix in a snap!

Siteground is the best, so do yourself a favor and check them out now!


Which Email Service Do I Use?

After trying out a couple free services (which were awful and will remain unnamed!), I decided it would be completely worth it to pay a (very reasonable) fee for a legit service.  So I signed up for ConvertKit and haven’t regretted it for a second!

ConvertKit is an incredible service… So easy to use and lots of different options!  I love it, and I know you will too.  And while you’re at it, sign up for my newsletter – The Royal Brew Insider.  I don’t send many emails out, but I do every so often when I’ve got something good to share.  So you don’t want to miss any of that!