Messenger Coffee Company

Messenger Coffee Company

It feels like it’s been such a long time since I last posted something on my blog, so for that I must apologize.  I guess that’s what I get for being busy all the time with other things.  But I’ve been to a lot of great coffee shops and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I HAVE to tell you about my trip to Messenger Coffee!

Messenger Coffee is a BRAND NEW coffee shop located just south of the Sprint Center, and the Power and Light District in Kansas City.  They’ve been around for a while, just as a local roaster, and are the main source for a lot of the local coffee shops here in KC.  But in October of 2017, they finally opened up, as what I would definitely say the biggest coffee shop that I’ve ever been to.



Before I talk about how great their building is, you need to know a little about their story.  Messenger began as a collaboration between three different coffee companies, wanting to create a company that is focused on great coffee, and good relationships in Kansas City.  Their main focus is on relationships, and improving the quality of life at the farm.  You can’t argue with that!

The coffee is roasted right inside the shop, on the second floor…that’s right, the second floor.  The third floor is where the rooftop seating and fireplace is located, but we’ll talk about that a little more later.  They use two manual San Francisco drum roasters and it’s all done by hand, sent, and ear.  Everything is roasted in small batches, which allows them to have a little more control on the quality.



I’m always curious as to where coffee roasters get their beans from, and whether they’re ethically sourced or not.  Messenger is very proud to say that they’ve established their ‘Farm Direct Badge.’  This basically means that they purchase their coffee through a contract that directly impacts improvements with the farmers of the coffee.

When I walked in the door, the first thing I noticed was the family friendly, and very bright, atmosphere.  I saw parents there with their kids, and a long line, but not too long, to order my coffee.  I can’t say there’s ever been a time when I had to wait in a line (unless you’re at Starbucks on the Plaza during the lighting ceremony) to order my coffee, which tells me one thing, this coffee MUST be good!  It was only a couple of minutes, and since you could say I’m a little boring, I decided to just get a drip coffee.  Which by the way, comes with one free refill.



There were a few different options for drip coffee, and of course I went with the Ethiopian Natural Hafursa.  The tasting notes on the bag are peach, passion fruit, and blueberry.  Like any good Ethiopian, this one delivered well on the blueberry notes, which I’m always a big fan of.  I’ve had a lot of really good drip coffee, and this one is right up their on the top of list.



I sat down and enjoyed some great conversation with The Cappuccino Traveler, while I sipped my delicious coffee.  Time wasn’t really on my side, so I had to hurry up and explore the shop and take some pictures.  Now like I mentioned before, this place is HUGE.  The main floor is the shop, and the bakery.  Yep, Ibis bakery teamed up with Messenger Coffee, and all the amazing baked goods that are served at Messenger are baked right there on the main floor, for all the shop goers to see.



Up on the second floor is more seating, a lot more seating, and pretty much where all the magic happens.  This is where their two roasters are located, and all the coffee is roasted.  It was pretty cool getting to see for myself, the coffee beans cooling off, and getting stirred up.  I usually only see this happen on Instagram.



I continued my trek and went up to the third flood.  Up there is a small room (in comparison to the rest of the building), which probably is for groups, and conferences.  Then out the door to the rooftop sitting area, complete with a fireplace to keep warm on those cool Kansas City nights.

Before I left, I had to take advantage of my free refill.  This time I decided to try their Papua New Guinea coffee, which I was told had more earthy, floral tasting notes.  I was intrigued by the idea of my coffee tasting like roses.  I  was not at all disappointed!  It was just as good as the Ethiopian, but in a completely different way.


I can’t wait to get back over there and try out more of their coffee, and baked goods.  And if you haven’t been there yet, you need to soon.

As it says on the Messenger Coffee website, their farmers work hard to create great coffee – they are just the messengers.



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