Royal Brew Nitro Cartridges

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Now you can enjoy Royal Brew Nitro Coffee using Royal Brew gas cartridges, in two different varieties!

For more foam, you can use the Royal Brew Nitrous Oxide 8g cartridges (1 per batch 64 oz kit, or 2 per batch for the 128 oz kit). Nitrous Oxide adds a slightly sweet taste to cold brew coffee, many will feel they will not need sugar or sweeteners! Adding Nitrous Oxide adds a creamy and foamy texture to your cold brew coffee, without the need for dairy

For a classic stout flavor without the added sweetening, use 2 x Nitrogen cartridges for the 64 oz kit (use four per batch in the 128 oz kit). Use 40 oz of coffee for best results, do not use more than 42 oz (80-84 oz for the 128 oz kit).

  • Each Nitrous Oxide charger contains 8 grams of pure nitrous oxide.
  • Each Nitrogen charger contains 2 grams of pure nitrogen.
  • Cartridge shells are recyclable, stainless steel cartridges. Cartridges are compatible with all standard whip cream dispensers.
  • Make sure you are using 40-42 oz of cold liquid, if you use too much, the gas doesn't have space to form.  If gas escapes, use only 40 oz (or 80 oz for the 128 oz keg), this will leave extra room for the gas to form. Make sure the liquid is cold prior to adding the gas, gas needs cool temperatures to thrive!
  • Shake the keg every 24 hours to extend the life of the nitrogen cartridge. 

Product Specifications

  • Nitrous Oxide 24-Pack Carton Dimensions: 2.5"x 2.16" x 5.7"
  • Nitrous Oxide 24-Pack Weight: 1.74 lbs
  • Nitrogen 10-Pack Carton Dimensions: 2.5"x 1.5" x 3.62"
  • Nitrogen 10-Pack Weight: 0.62 lbs
  • Single Cartridge, dimensions: 0.7" x 0.7" x 2.55"
  • Single Cartridge, weight: 1 oz


  • Use precaution when handling gas cartridges and follow all instructions. Keep bottom of cartridge sleeve pointed away from the body when installing and removing cartridges. Do not attempt to remove a cartridge from the regulator cap if still pressurized.
  • Risk of cold burns – gas and used cartridges can be very cold. Use caution when handling. Always point the regulator cap’s outlet away from body when discharging.
  • Gas cartridges are to be used for food consumption only and not for sale to minors under the age of 18. Do not inhale contents. Misuse can be dangerous to your health.
  • This product when used in pressurized applications carries risk of explosion and flying debris. Misuse can be dangerous!
  • Do not incinerate. Do not expose to sun or heat. Do not store above 49°C/120°F.
  • Care: Keep cool and dry, keep out of sun; never dispose of full, unused chargers.
  • Keep out of reach of children!

*Item is non-returnable if partially usedAs this item is a consumable commodity, we cannot offer refunds for used cartridges* 

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Love the nitro brew

Angelica Viramontes

No hit

Sherry V
My daughter loves nitrogen now

I sent a box with a nitrogen coffee kit for my daughter's birthday, and she loved it!!