Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Growler Pro

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This nitro coffee growler 64 oz is insulated with a double-walled vacuum that will keep your nitro brew cold and fresh. It's practical enough for a hiking beer keg and stylish enough for your coffee bar.

Add nitrogen or nitrous oxide to your cold brew growler for a sweeter, fresher taste. The pressurized growler has double-walled vacuum insulation, so it stays cold for up to 24 hours outside of your fridge!

Product Details

  • COMPATIBILITY: Use with any 8g nitrous oxide or 2g nitrogen cartridge (not included). The Royal Brew is compatible with most 8g nitrous oxide or nitrogen capsules.
  • Self-Closing Draft Faucet - Essential for getting the trademark lacy foam of a good Guinness or a frothy iced coffee, without the need for dairy or creamer! Dual-action pour lets you add a creamy top to your pour.
  • Cartridge holder casing - For maximum foam, use the Nitrous Oxide 8g cartridges (1 per batch for 64 oz growler). Nitrous oxide adds a slightly sweet taste and you only need to use 1. Option: For a classic stout flavor without the added sweetening, instead use 2 x Nitrogen 2g cartridges.
  • Important: Be sure to shake the growler well (10-15 seconds) after each cartridge and to wait a minimum of 5 minutes between each cartridge to allow gas to form (and 1 hr in fridge after last cartridge is added).
  • Tip: shake the growler every 24 hours to extend the life of the nitrogen cartridge.
  • Important: To allow gas to form, only fill the growler up to 50%-75% (32-40 oz) maximum with coffee!

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 5.45 lbs
  • Total Dimensions: 7" diameter x 10.87" tall
  • Growler Diameter: 5"
  • Includes:
    • Double wall vacuum insulated food grade stainless steel or matte black 64 oz growler
    • N2O/Nitrogen cartridge holder
    • Pressure Relieving Valve
    • Self-closing Draft Creamer Faucet
    • Growler Cap
    • 2 Cleaning Brushes - Clean every part of your kit, including the tubing, faucets, and other hard-to-reach places!
    • Stainless Steel Hose
    • Faucet Wrench
    • Backup Spring
    • 1-year manufacturer warranty

Customer Reviews

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Piece that hold the Nitro cartridge breaks and get stuck easily

The piece that hold the Nitro cartridge in and screws in breaks and gets stuck easily. I contacted warranty and was given the run around since it was a Christmas gift and I didn't have an order number. After 2 months, multiple emails they replaced the part it has only been 2 months since I got the replaced part, and the new part is cracked as well. bothe parts cracked in less than 6 uses each. I have followed the instructions every time and I still do not know what keeps going wrong with the product. I have also had issues getting the nitro cartridge piece to come off and no matter what I try it's still stuck. It's been over two weeks with daily attempts and can't get the part off. I am curious if it is the design of the product.

Kyle Salmons
Nitro growler pro

When I serve coffee from my Nitro cold brew coffee maker growler pro, it just comes out as cold brew - not nitro. No foam on any of my coffee and that’s the main reason why I purchased it. I’ve tried several different co2 cartridges and I’m not sure what else to do.

Hi Kyle, Royal Brew, and nitro cold brew in general is to be used with nitrogen (n2) or nitrous oxide (n2o) and will not work with co2. For a foamier result, we recommend nitrous oxide over nitrogen. Hope this solves your issue.

It works

I use Starbucks cold brew in this and it works okay. It is a keg and the only complaint is that the on/off valve could be much better. You have to make sure it is closed when you add the nitro and after serving it drips out no matter how securely you close it. If the brew sits for awhile you may need to add another nitro cartridge. I think because it doesnt seal very well.