The Friendy Bean Coffee Shop – Kansas City Coffee Shop Review

The Friendy Bean Coffee Shop – Kansas City Coffee Shop Review

The Friendly Bean Coffee Shop has been around for quite some time.  It was always one of those places that I knew existed, but for some reason I could never manage to get myself to try it out.  I actually remember though, one time, years ago that I went through the drive-thru to get some coffee.  I have no memory of what the coffee was like then, but then again, that was long before I became the coffee lover that I am today.

This time was different.  Ever since I decided to start my quest to try out all the local coffee shops and roasters, and then write about them here on this sweet blog, The Friendly Bean has been on my list of places to try, and I was REEALLY excited to try it.



A Bit About The Friendly Bean Coffee Shop

The Friendly Bean Coffee Shop has been open since 2003, and has been roasting excellent coffee beans since then.  No only do they work hard to make sure that all of their coffee is from high quality farms, but they even make sure that the farmers that they buy from are getting paid a fair wage.  They use a 15 kilo roaster made by Ambex, and to make sure that they are roasting each bean to perfection, they have it hooked up to a computer that can digitally record and track the roasting process.



This coffee shop is located up in the Northland, at the intersection of Barry Rd and N. Oak, and for the folks that live up north in Kansas City, this is one place you have to visit!  When I walked in, the place had a very warm and inviting feel.  There were a few tables, and some pretty comfy looking leather chairs, that I didn’t sit in, but probably should have.  There were only a couple people inside, but the barista’s were staying busy helping customers in the drive-thru.


Ethiopian Sidamo

It’s pretty standard for most coffee shops that roast their own beans to have a house roast, and a roast of the day, The Friendly Bean is no different.  This day’s roast was an Ethiopian Sidamo, which has been my favorite for a few months now, so it’s no surprise that’s what I ordered.  I really can’t help it.. if you’ve ever had a good Ethiopian Sidamo, you probably understand my addiction to them!



After getting my coffee, I took a few pictures, and let it cool off for a minute or two.  The Ethiopian Sidamo never seems to disappoint.  The first sips revealed very rich dark chocolate, followed by sweet blueberry tasting notes.  As I worked through this one and it cooled down, the chocolate notes faded a little, and the blueberry notes got even stronger, which were followed by a lemony citrus after taste.  I don’t know why, but I absolutely LOVE the Ethiopian Sidamo.. I have yet to taste a coffee that I love more than this one.  So if one day I do, you and be sure I’ll be sure to write ALL about it.



The Friendly Bean is one of just a few coffee shops in the Northland that roasts their own beans, and offers a superb, high quality cup of coffee, and they do it at a fair price.  I paid less than  $2.00 for my coffee, and it is definitely worth the visit.  While you’re there, be sure to grab a bag of some of their fresh roasted coffee.  They offer freshly roasted coffee beans, from all over the world!

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