Ultimate Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Ultimate Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

We all want to get each person on our Christmas Gift List the perfect, thoughtful gift, that makes their eyes light up when they open it.  Right?  If there are more than a couple people on your list, that can be a lot of stress and pressure.  And that’s not what the holiday season is supposed to be about!

I’m here to help you out, so you can focus on the joy of giving.

If anyone on your Christmas Gift List enjoys a good cup of coffee, you’re in luck!  I have compiled a list of must-have items, just for them!

You can shop online in your pjs while you watch Netflix, or get out and go to the store if crowds and that whole bit are more of your thang.  I’ve got plenty of options for both!


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My Ultimate Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers!


#1 – AeroPress

This coffee brewing method has been around for 10+ years, invented by a guy named Alan.  Coffee is steeped for a number of seconds before being forced through a filter with the press of a plunger.



Similar to a French Press, but without the grit.

It’s supposed to brew the smoothest, richest cup of coffee without the bitterness!  Easy cleanup and great for travel.  Plus & plus.  You can purchase one here.

#2 – Chemex

The Chemex has quite a story behind it.  It was invented waaay back in 1941 by chemist (hence the name), Dr. Peter Schlumbohm.  He was known for re-creating every day objects to make them more attractive and functional.  The Chemex came about out of his desire to create a simple yet beautiful coffee brewing vessel.



Being a chemist, Schlumbohm grasped the chemistry behind extracting the true flavor from coffee beans.

#3 – Coffee Subscriptions

Subscription boxes are all the craze right now.  You can get just about anything delivered to your door weekly or monthly, and coffee is no exception!

There are so many options out there, but here are two that I can personally vouch for:

Encore Coffee Co

Atlas Coffee Club

Both roast excellent coffee beans and send them to you fresh!  Delivery options are customizable for your drinking preferences.

#4 – Coffee Grinder

You can’t get a truly good cup of coffee without a good grinder.

Here are two greats options, one is budget friendly and the other is more of a splurge.   So you get to decide just how much you love that coffee addict you’re shopping for.  Neither are outrageous, though.  We aren’t supplying a coffee shop here.

For a budget-friendly grinder, this manual one would be perfect!


If you’re able to splurge a bit, this is one of the Encore Conical Burr Grinder is one of the best home grinders you can get without going totally over the top!



#5 – Coffee Mug/Travel Mug

I personally use a Yeti, but there are plenty of other less expensive options that use the same concept.  I would stick with a good stainless steal one though.

#6 – Book/Movie About Coffee

This may sound boring to you, especially if you don’t LOVE coffee.  But I promise it’s not, IF you get the right one. Here’s just one that would be perfect for your coffee table



As for a movie, Dukales Dream is amazing and I think everyone in the world should watch it, not just coffee drinkers.  It will open your eyes to a world and people that you probably didn’t know existed.  And if you happen to love coffee, you learn some cool stuff about the subject.  Win win.



#7 – A bag of FRESH COFFEE!!!!

This one is obvious, but I have to say it so you don’t forget!  By FRESH coffee, I don’t mean go down to the grocery store and fill up a bag of coffee beans from those big clear containers.  Those are constantly exposed to air and let’s face it, when was the last time you actually saw someone add coffee beans to those??  If you have a local coffee shop nearby, or better yet, a shop or company that roasts their own, this one will be easy for you.  It might require you to leave the house, but check with the company first because many of them ship these days!

There are probably fifty I could name right off the top of my head, but I’ll limit myself so I don’t overwhelm you.

First off, say NO to Starbucks!!!!  They are doing better with how they source their coffee, I will give them that.  But it is way over roasted (i.e. BURNT) – this is how they make sure it’s the exact same everywhere, because getting that perfect roast is an ART that not just anyone can do.  They would never be able to have consistent coffee everywhere they are with how huge they are.  Sorry, rant over.  No Starbucks.  Find a good local business to support.  If you don’t have one, here are a few of the excellent ones in Kansas City that will ship theirs right to your door.

Post Coffee Company

Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters

Parisi Artisan Coffee

#8 – Coffee Candle

If you’d rather just buy a coffee scented candle, that’s always an easy option.  If you want to go all out with this one, you can make your own, using fresh coffee beans and an unscented candle.  Simply fill a glass jar halfway with coffee beans, then add the candle, then add more beans to surround the candle.

#9 – Coffee Tshirt

One of my personal favorites.. “I run on coffee and sarcasm” come’s in both men’s and women’s styles.


#10 – Coffee Sign

If you have a cool coffee bar area in your house, you probably could use a good sign to decorate that space.  Etsy has a lot of great options!

I hope this gift guide for coffee lovers will be helpful when trying to find that perfect gift for that coffee lover in your life.

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