What’s the Deal With Bulletproof Coffee?

What’s the Deal With Bulletproof Coffee?

I know I’m probably a little behind with this one, but Bulletproof coffee is still big in the fitness and health community, and to be quite honest, I’ve actually never tried it up until now.  I’ve never been a big fan of adding things to my coffee, but I actually really enjoyed this, and it has now become my “pre-workout” drink of choice.

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What’s The Deal With Bulletproof Coffee?

Just when you thought we knew every wonderful thing about coffee, they find a new way to use it for our health and weight control.  The latest trend in the healthcare industry is bulletproof coffee.  Bulletproof coffee gives you nutritious antioxidants and high energy impact of the dark brew and combines it with healthy fats to give your metabolism a jolt.

What is it?

Bulletproof coffee was introduced by Dave Asprey.  His recipe calls for the highest grade of coffee, and the addition of real creamy butter and high-quality MCT oil.  This power-packed trio combined with a low carb diet will shift your metabolism into overdrive and the excess fat will melt away from your body.  But that is just the beginning.  People who drink bulletproof coffee report that one cup of this in the morning and you will feel no hunger until mid-day.  So your body is a fat-burning machine and you experience high energy levels and no hunger.  No wonder everyone is trying it.


What does it taste like?

The very thought of giving up cream and sugar and replacing it in coffee with butter and oil made me queasy.  But the benefits are so astonishing, it is worth a shot, right?

While some people say it is too hard to drink and it leaves a film in your mouth, others are determined to find the good far outweighs the bad.  So many people have boarded this train that people have created mind and body boasting bulletproof coffee recipes to find the combination that anyone will enjoy.

Helpful tips for learning to love your bulletproof coffee

  • Use the best ingredients

This is a very rich drink.  You are mixing high energy coffee with high-quality fats.  Be safe by only buying grass-fed butter and the highest quality of MCT oil

  • Find a flavor you can live with

Coconut oil is a close cousin of MCT oil.  To help adjust the flavor try adding a bit of coconut oil to your mixture.

  • Shaker recipes will do in a pinch, but for better results use a hand-held blender on high and drink the coffee as soon as it is blended.  This gives it a latte tastes and does not leave an oily feel in your mouth.
  • Build up to it

Adding (even high-quality) oil to your drink is going to purge your system.  Start slow and build up to the 1-2 teaspoons of oil in the coffee.  This will give your system less of a jolt and keep you from spending the first two days in the bathroom.



What else should you know?

Bulletproof coffee combined with a low/no carb diet kicks the low carb diet into high-gear.  You must follow the low carb diet exactly.  If you venture off and start consuming carbs while you are drinking this high-fat drink, you could pack on the pounds quickly.

Be sure to drink plenty of water while you are using this plan.  Take vitamin and mineral supplements if you need them.  It will only take a few days for your system to settle into the new way of living.  The energy will be evident right away.  You will see the pounds drop off in no time.


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